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Lobbying Africa, Quo Vadis?


The World Economic Forum referred to Africa in 2018 as an area of greater interest among the region’s most sought after by entrepreneurs, investors, and companies. The reason for this categorization comes from the exponential population growth, the increase in the level of literacy among young people, and lastly, the increase in the willingness to fight corruption and anti-democratic regimes. All these changes in Africa call for a bright future, which is why Africa can be identified as the “next big thing” in business.

However, the African context is different from any other, being a complex world of peculiar modus operandi by the stakeholders – as the Covington Report of 2018 indicated. Lobbying Africa is aware of all challenges, all difficulties, and we perceive the status quo of each panorama and opportunity.

Lobbying Africa’s business is power. Our power is the ability to influence. We are a new gateway to the African world of opportunities, and we make lobby for something concrete. We endorse authentic influence and provide our clients with any crucial missing element to achieve their business mission and goal.



Lobbying Africa was designed and founded by David G. Santos, a Ph.D. holder, and Professor at the University of Beira Interior. He was the primary investor when lobbying Africa began operation for the first time. He has an in-depth knowledge of African industries, and he was the Chairman of an investment and project development consulting firm in Luanda, Dubai, Lisbon, and New York.



Entrusted with the affairs of Lobby Africa is Aníbal da Costa, the CEO of Lobbying Africa. Aníbal held high positions in the Angolan Government. He also had a reputed and internationally recognized diplomatic career. Along the years, he built for himself an extensive social network, including some of the most influential people and current decision-makers.



Mainly for two reasons: Because Africa is one of the world’s most promising & exciting lifespans for production and economic activities. And secondly, because we know how tricky and complicated the power circles in Africa is, demanding skilled labor. Our skilled labor.



Convicted information, access, and contact are the most robust, useful and valuable form of power. Our vision is to deliver an impact on the power circles of our clients. We want to ensure that our client owns a high level of influence and access.



Our goals are simple: Influence based on contacts and information provided by the most confident and primitive sources. Whatever your goals are, through lobbying, we can make it a reality. We make it possible for you to reach your ultimate goal which is, doing business in Africa.


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