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Which Way Hiring a Lobbyist Can Affect Legislative Advocacy in Africa?


With federal and local governments become more active in regulating all aspects of life, it has become indispensable for businesses who want to thrive to understand legislative advocacy.

Legislative advocacy entails the efforts using which anyone can influence the introduction and enactment of legislation. While a common man can ignore it – since he has little stakes – it is crucial for business owners who want to see their business thriving to affect legislative advocacy.

Which is why we recommend that you hire a lobbyist in Africa.

To make sure that the interests of your business remain in the consideration of the country’s decision makers as they are enacting new legislation, below mentioned are some of the ways a lobbyist can affect legislative advocacy in Africa.

1: Running Public Campaigns

Although most people tend to ignore it, legislators sitting in assemblies are answerable to the constituents who had elected them to be a public office holder. As a result, these legislators can ill afford to annoy their voters – lest they want to lose the next election.

Not only are they aware of this fact, but lobbyists also use it to their advantage.

By running campaigns that swing the opinion of the general public in favor of their client, they give a silent message to the legislators that if any policy harms the interest of their client, it would cost the legislators a sizable number of votes. That, in turn, allows the lobbyists to affect legislative advocacy.

2: Using propaganda

In contrast to what most people believe, propaganda isn’t an evil term. In most cases, it is used by ad agencies to disseminate their message – so as to make sure that a large number of people sees the same way and ends up buying their product.

That’s exactly what a lobbyist does – albeit in a different environment to one mentioned above.

Using the public campaigns, they create an atmosphere in which the public realizes that the interest of the business aligns with the interest of the common man. As a result, when the public advocates for any cause, it would make sure that the interests of your business won’t be trampled over.

3: Through the power of media

Most businessmen agree to this fact that as long as their business isn’t getting positive media coverage, the common man would never accept it. Lobbyists are aware of this fact – which is why they use the power of the media to their client’s advantage.

And there are many ways using which a lobbyist harnesses the power of media.

For instance, hiring a lobbyist in Africa might also enable you to get close to celebs whose voices people listen to. Consequently, when these celebrities speak in favor of your business, the civil society – which is the bedrock of legislative advocacy movements in any country – would side with you.


As has become evident from the abovementioned examples, hiring a lobbyist in Africa would allow you to affect the legislative advocacy in your country. That, in turn, would allow you to mix the interests of your business with those of the public – a process which would make sure that no matter what policy the government ends up enacting, your business remains shielded from its ill-effects.


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