Lobbying For the Health Sector in Africa – Everything You Need to Know

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Due to expansion in health insurance schemes, an increase in confidence in generic products, improved business climate, and enhanced investments in the health sector, the previous decade saw an estimated 10 percent growth in the pharmaceutical market in Africa. That’s not the only reason why Africa’s health sector should be a magnet for global investors. […]

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Diamonds In Africa – Everything You Need To Know

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Diamonds benefit the world in many ways than simply making their wearers look beautiful. An estimate claims that Africa, one of the poorest continents in the world, collects a whopping $9.65 billion from shipping its diamonds to worldwide markets. That number has changed the destinies of countries like Botswana. One of the poorest countries in […]

Oil in Africa – Everything You Need To Know

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According to an estimate, more than 57% of Africa’s export earnings come from hydrocarbons. Proven oil reserves in the continent have grown by almost 150 percent in the four decades between 1980 and 2020, increasing from 53.4 billion barrels in the 80s to well over 130 billion barrels today. All these facts have forced foreigners […]

How And Where To Invest In Africa Through Lobbying

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According to a report by the United Nations, Africa will account for 50% of the world’s population growth by 2050. To put that into perspective, while the whole world will see its population rise by 2.2 billion people in the next three decades, about 1.1 billion of that increase will be seen in Africa. For […]

Lobbying Techniques in Africa – Everything You Need To Know

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In contrast to what a layman might choose to believe, lobbying isn’t inherently bad. It’s true that interest groups do lobbying to press their cause. But the causes which they support are often beneficial for society as a whole. Take the example of Greta Thunberg. The Swedish child is representing many lobbying groups that are […]

Lobbying Intelligence in Africa – Everything You Need to Know

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Most people think that lobbying organizations do little more than make – and leverage – contacts with those in power. While connections no doubt play a huge role in the success of lobbying efforts, they aren’t the only tactic that lobbyists have at their disposal to help their clients. The rise of technology in the […]

How International Trade Services In Africa Can Help To Expand Business

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Providers of international trade services help promote business development and relations in foreign nations. These organizations, which are termed as lobbying firms in technical lingo, provide information to their clients regarding business and expansion opportunities around the world. With this information in mind, it would be easier for you to understand how hiring an international […]

Top 5 business ideas to expand your business in Africa

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The conversation about Africa has undergone a radical shift over the past few decades. Previously, everyone from business investors to global politicians talked about its population bulge, the ‘gap’ between demand and supply of basic services and ‘deficits’ of all kinds i.e. fiscal, monetary and trade. Currently, ask any person who is a little knowledgeable […]

Corporate Lobbying: A New Mechanism for African Business Success

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Businesses are the bedrock of every continent. As the businesses grow, unemployment reduces, disposable income of households increase, socio-economic development improves and people have better standards of living. Yet, the situation in many countries on the continent points to the contrary: African businesses are underperforming or failing at a very high rate and lag behind […]

How to Expand Business Services in Africa

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Provide you want to get your business out of the survival mode and see it among the enterprises which are thriving in today’s trade-war-devastated world, all you have to do is to hire a lobbying firm. Such firms have the potential to take your business from its infancy and turn it into an impregnable force. […]