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Why Political Consulting or Lobbying Firms Are Needed – And How it Can Help Grow Your Business in Africa


Has the growth of your business in Africa stunted?

In that case, a political consulting or lobbying firm is just what you need.

Political consulting firms or lobbyists are persuaders who can get the job done for your business in return for pay. Usually, they do it backstage by negotiating with significant political figures. Other ways include influencing the media, developing an outreach, and validating the credibility of your product or service (or diminishing that of your rivals).

Following are some of the ways such firms can help grow your business in Africa


1. Open the door to the government

It is needless to say that a political consultancy, or a lobbying firm, has access to different politicians. In Africa, that can come in very handy. The firm builds trust with the politicians, and they both exchange impressions. Therefore, your business can benefit from the return and expect some leniency.

It won’t be accurate to say that you’d be influencing the government, but access to the government can help the business grow.

2. Reaching the public

For a business to grow, it must be popular among the masses. So, for new businesses, how can you do that? There are several ways, including: media, social media influencers, blogs, web pages, etc.

A lobbying firm can get your business through these channels in a respectable way. After all, we don’t like ads, do we? So, your message gets across the public better. You might even get a better deal out of it.

3. Consulting your critics

In the military terms, scouting the enemy is called reconnaissance. However, in business, the somewhat same practice is called consultation.

A political consulting firm will plan exercises, run public meetings, perform surveys or other community exercises to flush out the concerns of your critics.

Now that you know what’s coming against you, you can comfortably strike back at your critics.

4.Dealing with your rivals

If you stand for something, there will be people who’d want you to fall. So, your business will also have competitors who can’t wait to see it collapse.

However, a lobbying firm will not prevent that from happening. If you get them on board, they’ll develop a wide range of tactics to neutralize the threat.

The wide range includes from gather critic information from your competitors, giving you the edge over your rivals.

5. Building credibility for your business

Let’s face it; no one trusts anybody unless a third party (who is respectable for the other two) vouches for them. Hence the reason why building credibility is much of a bigger problem for new and small businesses.

So how can your business build credibility? By making sure that authentic and independent people to carry its message to the potential customers. That’s exactly what a lobbying firm would do for you – thereby building your business’s credibility.



If you are to grow your business in Africa, a political consulting firm or lobbying firm can help you with that. Also, they know the ins and outs of policies and politics in Africa. Therefore, consulting them will take your business to new heights.

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