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Access is the most valuable form of power, and in Lobbying Africa, we test this saying to the limits. Through our services, our clients have their channels available to the highest political and influential businessmen.


Our way of doing Lobbying is to establish relationships of trust and to achieve a reliable and available network of contacts within the highest level of the African political and business world; from Presidents of Republics and senior Governors to CEOs of the largest African companies. Our entire network is built on strong foundations, and we ensure that any of the contacts we give is a winning bet on the part of our clients.


The high political cadres offer our clients investment opportunities in the state, expanding businesses to African countries, allowing the establishment of diplomatic relations and above all, make possible a position in the panorama of specific region with guarantees private sector cannot offer. At Lobbying Africa, our access is enormous. We have access to presidential contacts with hearings granted by the state offices. A client of Lobbying Africa will have, (according to the requested service) this powerful network of influences. We open the door for our customers to enter; this is how we define our service.


Entrepreneurs from large African companies trust Lobbying Africa. They know when we open a door, it is worth listening to whoever walks/enters through it. The ways of introducing the stakeholders are variable, depending on the service the client requests and opt for.


From remote introductions, where contact meet digitally – with appropriate security measures – to facilitate until personal presentations and mediation are giving by a collaborator of Lobbying Africa. All of these moments are pre-planned, structured and logistically assembled to ensure security, confidentiality and until the purpose of the introduction is fulfilled – both parties can then meet and discuss their business.


We have succeeded in ensuring that all the influential people presented to our customers are interested in their business ideas because the bridge that exists between the parties is trust in Lobbying Africa. Our relationships, connections, and bridges were and are made on the spot, with hands-on power and handshakes to seal the agreements. We are born, and we live from African power and all its holders throughout our territory of action.


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