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The African Continent: The Future is now!


When talking about the future, Africa is one continent that comes to mind, be it Economy, the Society, or People. Why do we say so? Let’s start by talking about the people. Africa currently has the highest population growth rates in the world. As of 2018, about 17% of the world’s population comes from Africa, and it was estimated that by 2050, this number would increase to 21%. Over the past 30 years, the population in Africa has doubled, and this growth is expected to continue exponentially.


With an increase like this comes responsibility. With a continent filled with young people and seniors, the economy needs to find a way to support this growth. But many countries in Africa don’t have the means to meet those needs, – like building infrastructures to enable the growth of the economy – therefore this opens an opportunity for significant investment with enormous social returns.

We find in Africa today countries in need of more infrastructure. We find in Africa today an extreme need for investment in Health. We also find in Africa today the potential of highest rate of economic growth in the world. Africa economy needs more investors to bring its full potential to life.

Industrial investment is urgent.

The African continent is naturally rich in mineral resources, but concurrently, they lack the means of exploring these resources.

So investing in Africa mining industry is a winning bet for investors.


The society development along with the existence of extended untouched grounds, makes agriculture one of the most growing core activities in the next few years. Modernizing agriculture and amplify it is safe investment with certain gains.

We find also in the African Continent unexplored oil reservoirs and some that are ate their beginning of exploration. Africa is an playground for one of the most profitable business in the world.


In general Africa needs investment in all sectors to convert their potential in real benefits. Lobbying Africa can make you the transformation agent behind all of that.


When trying to catapult Africa to the future, one way to do that is through AFCFTA – Africa Continental Free Trade Area. This market will soon become a reality, and it will be the largest free trade area since the creation of the World Trade Organization.


In general, African countries need to restructure their markets, reorganize trading networks, strategize investors and their economic partners. Doing this enables a long-term investment, with the assurance that today’s investment is the trump card of the future. When you invest in Africa, you make it possible for people to move back into their own countries, and this can bring many untold advantages in the future.


Today investment is welcomed, and above all necessary with unparalleled potential for social and economic returns.


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