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    Lobbying For The Tech Industry In Africa – Everything You Need To Know


    Lobbying For The Tech Industry In Africa – Everything You Need To Know

    With over half-a-billion people internet users, the tech sector receiving almost $500 million in funding, and an increase in the number of tech startups by over 40%, the previous year was the best one yet for the tech industry in Africa, claims the African Tech Startups Funding Report 2019.

    That it is startups which are the poster-child of Africa’s tech revolution shouldn’t come as a surprise. Organizations like the World Economic Forum had predicted years ago that with 55% of sub-Saharan Africa’s economic activity being informal, new business solutions will rule the roost in the continent.

    What’s more, with financiers looking beyond the established hubs of Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa, 15 African countries benefited from this approach. That is good news for investors who want to profit from Africa’s tech sector but don’t have the capital to make a dent in its established tech hubs.

    Here’s how lobbyists could open the doors of Africa’s tech industry for potential investors:

    #1: Help investors enter the African tech market

    Africa’s tech sector is divided by regions. In the South, more established startup ecosystems and higher literacy levels have made the likes of South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya potential gold mines for billionaire tech investors who can use the money they’ve already made to beat the competition.

    Northern African countries such as Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia, by contrast, are the major attraction points for investors who aren’t venture capitalists. That’s because the tech sector of these countries is less developed than that of South, so you can make a dent here without splashing too much cash.

    Lobbyists will help you enter both these markets. Apart from helping you put in place the necessary infrastructure, lobbying organizations will guide you in employing a talented workforce and obtain necessary permits from governmental ministries.

    Apart from that, provided you hire a professional lobbying firm, you can count on them to identify areas of investment. They might also give you the lowdown on the market you intend to target by carrying out user surveys to check the sentiment of the potential end-customer.

    #2: Help African tech investor enter the Western Market

    Provided your tech business is already burgeoning in Africa and you feel like there’s a demand for your product in the Western market, you can count on Lobbying Africa to open doors of European and North American markets for your business.

    Why should you trust us? Because while we specialize in the African market, our headquarters is based in London/Lisbon. More importantly, you can count on us to deliver the goods because we’re well-versed in the intricacies of the western tech world.

    In other words, whether you want to create a solo LLC in England or hoping to enter into a partnership in France – and whether you want to expand the reach of your Ecommerce app to Italy or hoping to exploit Portugal’s love-affair with clean power by using your solar grid system – we have got you covered!

    Need proof to believe in this ‘claim’? Then you might want to get in touch with our representatives. Regardless of the time zone you might be residing in, the fact that we have our offices both in Europe, as well as Africa, means that one of our reps will be ready to assist you throughout the working days.

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