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The African continent has many distinctiveness and lives in a constant bustle of unpredictability. As a result of growth reaching unimaginable levels, and several challenges faced over the last few years, African environments and societies are confronted with extreme rapid adaptation needs. Therefore, it is crucial to know the environment you plan on operating.


At Lobbying Africa, we believe that the most robust form of power is the access to people and information. With an ultra-comprehensive network of contacts including some of the most influential African stakeholders, Lobbying Africa create bridges with the right people, the right institutions, and the right molding. We promise to help our client achieve all the goals they proposed to themselves.


Lobbying is only useful if it brings results; that’s how we see it in Lobbying Africa. With more than 40 years of experience and a deep understanding of the territorial, relational, and organic complexity that exists between our Shareholders and CEO, we are confident that our Lobbying brings results to clients request.


When you work with Lobbying Africa, all our movements are thought out and directed to only one goal; to make lobbying that drives results through:

– A Remote Influence, that is, using non-personal means of contact, but allowing them to communicate, exchange impressions and create the necessary synergies in a given circle.


– A Strong Remote Influence in which efforts are created after the first contact and, if necessary, strengthening of social relations, and the possibility of negotiation with contacts in loco.


– A Face-to-Face and Proactive Influence, where in addition to creating the necessary access requested by the client, a strategy is outlined and advised to potential stakeholders – including personal introductions to the most influential politicians, entrepreneurs, and key players.


– A Taylor-Made Service, where all of the variables, needs and options are designed, planned and taken in a complete personalized basis to the client profile. It’s our most exclusive service.


Lobbying Africa services have two guarantees: The first refers to total security, extreme professionalism, maximum description and detailed monthly reports of all processes. The second relates to consistency and perseverance, which are values intrinsic to the matrix of Lobbying Africa.


Lobbying Africa does not offer Lobbying alone! We offer Lobbying with the right access and results are guaranteed. We work every day to keep our clients happy, and we keep communication channels active with prospective returns for both parties.


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