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How Public Affairs Consultant Can Get Your Business Established in Africa


Can’t get your business going in Africa? Then you might need the help of a public affairs consultant.

Also known as lobbyists, public affairs consultants use various tools – i.e. digital outreach, media relations, coalition building – to build support for their client’s business objective, raise awareness about its products and build the credibility of their brand.

By doing all that, they help businesses grow and become sustainable.

Therefore, if you are having problems trying to establish your business in Africa, it’s time to engage a public affairs consultant.

Advantages of Public Affairs Consultants for Businesses in Africa

Following are the benefits which a business could have by engaging a public affairs consultant in Africa:

1.   Raise Awareness about your business

People don’t trust brands which aren’t well-established – a luxury you cannot afford since your business is only starting. So how could you gain the trust of the public?

By earning the recommendation of a respectable third party i.e. a social media influencer, a blog with high traffic or a popular Facebook page. Which is exactly what a public affairs consultant could do.

In this way, while your message will be heard loud and clear, the fact that it isn’t coming as an advertisement will make it more amenable to the public.

2.   Build credibility of your business

How to establish your business’s credibility? That’s the question most small business owners face at the start of their business life.

The answer is as simple as it is effective: get somebody else to do your bidding for you.

That’s right, when somebody who’s an authority in your niche is recommending your business, that won’t come across as an advertisement. As a result, the credibility of your business will increase in the eyes of its potential users.

3.   Develop a message which resonates

By tracking information from public and private sources, a public consultancy firm could easily determine the needs of your potential consumer base.

Based on those needs, it will help you in creating a message which tells your potential customers that your business’s products/services have what it takes to meet their requirements.

4.   Disseminate the message cost-effectively

Imagine for a moment that you’re trying to run an advertising campaign for your business. How much money would it take? Even if you don’t book prime time slots on the television for your ads, you’d have to spend thousands of dollars to make an impact.

A public affairs consultancy, on the other hand, will do the whole advertisement thing cost-effectively. How? Because they have friends in the right places.

Using their connections, a Public Affairs consultant in Africa might get you a full feature in a newspaper – or a recommendation from a social media star – without paying bucket loads of cash.

5.   Help salvage reputation in troubling times

Just like any other business, there are times when your business would have no choice but to deal with difficult situations.

Such scenarios might range from anything i.e. a product gone badly or a customer who is dissatisfied with your services badmouthing on social media.

In these times, you’ll need trusted connections in the media which would help repair the damage by negating the propaganda spread by your rivals. So that your customers feel secure in buying your products.


When it comes to establishing your business in Africa, you could do with the help of a public affairs consultant. Since they are aware of the African landscape, these experts could guide you not only in making policies that work but also executing them to the maximum advantage of your business.


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