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Lobbying For The Tech Industry In Africa – Everything You Need To Know

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Lobbying For The Tech Industry In Africa – Everything You Need To Know With over half-a-billion people internet users, the tech sector receiving almost $500 million in funding, and an increase in the number of tech startups by over 40%, the previous year was the best one yet for the tech industry in Africa, claims […]

The European Union’s Social and Institutional Relationship with Sub-Saharan Africa

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International Lobbying in Africa and the Historic Relationship with Europe   Europe has a long history with the African continent, with regards to colonization and imperialism. This history has changed the functions of government, resources, cultural identities, and relationships within the massive continent, both in the Maghreb region and in Sub-Saharan Africa.   To this […]

U.S. Social, Economic, and Political Lobbying in Sub-Saharan Africa

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The Current Situation with International Lobbying Lobbying means seeking to influence a politician or public official on a humanities-related issue. Regarding the relationship between the United States and Africa, the diplomatic capabilities must evolve in order for American interests and engagements to expand in the sub-Saharan region of the supercontinent.   This is inclusive of […]